A0 wooden walnut frame - Wide (20 mm) - 84.1x118.9 cm

Please note that we only ship A0 frames within the European Union (EU).

A0 wooden frame in beautiful dark walnut. The frame is 20 mm wide and 30 mm deep, just like our other A0 wooden frames.


Acrylic glass (plexiglass) is our clear recommendation for the very large frames, as it weighs much less than real glass and cannot break. However, we also offer three types of real glass for your A0 frame, namely normal glass, non-reflective glass and the exclusive museum glass, which protects optimally against UV rays. If the glass breaks during shipping, we will of course send you a new one, but it should be mentioned that this may happen more often for large poster frames with real glass. It is difficult to tell the difference between acrylic glass and normal glass when the protective foil is removed from the acrylic glass.


A mount is a piece of 1.5 mm thick acid-free cardboard, cut at an angle so that no shadow is cast on the poster. Our A0 frames can be purchased with white mount which fits perfectly for 70x100 cm posters. This means that the cutout is 69x99 cm. If you want a different color or cutout, then you must instead purchase a custom mount, which we offer in seven beautiful colors.

Do you have an A0 poster for which you want a mounted frame? Then you need to buy a 100x140 frame, which you can get with a mount for or A0 posters.

Choose the right glass

You can choose between four types of glass for your A0 frame. Read more about our glass and see pictures that clearly show the difference.

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