Basel - The golden gate of Switzerland

Designer: Unknown
Decade: 1910s
Year: 1912
Dimensions: 73 x 56.5 cm
Lithographically printed by: Graph. Anst. W. Wassermann, Basel
Country: Switzerland
Condition: 9/10
Beautiful and very rare landscape poster from 1912 which promoted Basel, Switzerland's third largest city. The poster bears the text "Picturesquely situated on the Rhine. Mild, dewless climate. Lovely excursions. Shipping on the Rhine. Zoo. Holbein and Boecklin Galleries. University. Excellent hotels." Beneath this text there has probably been a timetable with the times of the trains, which has been removed, as this timetable was not very nice to have on the poster. The only other copy we have seen of this poster had just this roadmap. Since we also do not see the roadmap as an important part of the poster, we have assessed the condition of the poster independently of this - probably - missing part. Also because we do not know for sure that the roadmap has actually been part of this poster. It should nevertheless be mentioned.

Condition: 9/10 - A lot of patina but otherwise really good condition.

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