Child Welfare Day - May 11, 1949

Designer: Morten Jensenius
Decade: 1940s
Year: 1949
Dimensions: 62 x 83 cm
Country: Denmark
Published by: Child Welfare Day
Printed by: Recato Kbh. A / S
Condition: 8/10

There is another copy of this poster at the Odense City Museum, but it is the only other copy we have been able to find. This is therefore a very rare poster, which will only increase in value.

Children 's Aid Day is one of Denmark's oldest organisations. With the ambition to help needy children in Darnmark, the organization was founded in 1904 by philanthropist and doctor Johan Niels Gottlob Carlsen.


We only give this poster 8/10 because of a small tear on the left side - as can be seen in the pictures - but apart from that the poster appears in really nice condition. The colors are sharp, with a completely different authenticity than you see in today's posters. The poster here is printed with lithography, which gives the colors a completely different life.


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