Brown matte wooden frame - Narrow (15 mm) - 30×40 cm

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Beautiful brown 30x40 frame with a matte and smooth varnish, which covers the structure of the wood on the 15x15 mm narrow wooden frame made of oak veneer. This is the only brown frame that we sell, and we have carefully selected the beautiful shade of brown.

When buying a picture frame, think carefully about which glass you want. Fortunately, at PlakatKunst we offer four very different types of very high quality glass. Acrylic glass (plexiglass) with great clarity. Non-reflective glass made of real glass, and normal glass and museum glass, which has the most beautiful clarity. The museum glass has close to 100% protection against UV rays, and is thus best for pictures that you want to take good care of.

You can get all of our 30x40 frames with a matching mount, which is perfect for A4 or A5 pictures. If you want to frame a 30x40 cm poster, you can for example buy one of our 40x50 frames , 50x60 frames or 50x70 frames . For example, our brown 40x50 frame, a brown 50x60 frame or the brown 50x70 frame. We always deduct 1 cm from the height and width of the hole measurements, so that you get 0.5 centimeters for attaching the poster to the back of the mount.


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