Circus poster

Designer: Unknown
Decade: Unknown
Dimensions: 95 x 71.5 cm
Lithographically printed by: Adolph Friedländer, Hamburg
Published by: Unknown
Country: Germany
Condition: 8/10
✓   Original - ikke genoptryk!
✓   Levering om 2-4 hverdage
✓   100 dages returret
Beautiful vintage lithograph showing a circus. Unfortunately, we do not know much about this poster, except that it is probably German, as the poster is lithographically printed by Adolph Friedländer in Hamburg. For the same reason, we have put a low price on the poster, but it can easily be worth much more. It is so rare that we have never seen it before and can not find the poster anywhere else on the Internet.

Condition: 8/10 - Patina, edge cracks, a major tear in the lower left corner (see picture) and soft folds. These folds will not be seen when the poster comes in a proper frame. The folders can be seen in our pictures, as we always just take a picture of the poster on a plate, and graphically put the picture of the poster into a fictional picture frame.

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