Goldwyn Bray - The Passing of The Old West | People You'd Like to Know

Designer: Unknown
Decade: 1910s
Year: Unknown
Dimensions: 71.5 x 104 cm
Country: USA
Published by: Goldwyn
Printed by: Unknown
Condition: 6/10
Very rare cartoon poster from some of the first animated cartoons, produced by Goldwyn Studios. We have several of these movie posters from Goldwyn-Bray, but this one is our favorite. A handsome Native American confronted with the new reality, with a plane and a train in the background. You will not find these Goldwyn-Bray posters anywhere else on the internet and they will probably never show up again. Unfortunately, there are a lot of cracks on the poster, but it still looks really nice in a frame. The cracks can also be restored if you wish.

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