Java & Bali - Isles of Romance

Designer: Unknown
Decade: Unknown
Year: Unknown
Dimensions: 60 x 91 cm
Country: Indonesia
Published by: Dept. Publicity SS
Printed by: Topographical Services Batavia
Condition: 8/10
✓ Original - not a reprint!
✓ Delivery in 2-4 working days
✓ 30 day right of return

This travel poster was probably made in the 1930s. A beautiful woman of royal status, or perhaps a bride, is carried through the landscape.

This poster is very rare. At the time of writing, the poster cannot be found anywhere else on the internet.


The poster has traces of moisture in one corner, and some folds which will eventually straighten out in a good frame. Overall a very good condition for an original vintage poster like this.


The frame is not included in the price, but we recommend that you buy a custom-made frame with museum glass, which protects optimally against UV radiation, thus preserving this unique poster and its value.

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