KLM - Amsterdam-Batavia

Designer: Paul Erkelens
Decade: 1930s
Year: 1937
Dimensions: 67 x 100 cm
Country: Netherlands
Published by: KLM
Printed by: Kunstdr.Luii & Co.
Condition: 10/10
✓   Original - ikke genoptryk!
✓   Levering om 2-4 hverdage
✓   100 dages returret
Original vintage advertising poster from KLM is designed by Paul Erkelens. KLM's intercontinental flight flew for the first time from Amsterdam d. October 1, 1924. The destination was Batavia, today Jakarta, on a flight with no less than 21 stops and 22 days! In 1930 the route became commercial, and in 1940 the flight time was reduced to six days. The introduction of post-World War II jets further reduced flight time to just a single day.

The poster shows a DC-3 aircraft and shows how spacious and comfortable the aircraft was to travel in, as the normal 22 seat had been reduced to 12 seats to provide maximum comfort on the almost week-long journey.

The poster here originally promoted two departures a week, but, as can be seen on the poster, a mark was put with 3x on top of the floor Twice , which of course meant that two weekly departures became three.

This original vintage poster has been for sale a few other places on the internet, but never in this near perfect condition. It is of course clear that the poster was not printed yesterday, but the poster looks as nice as you could wish for. 10/10.

Frame is not included in the price.

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