Purple mount

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Purple mount with a shade that is almost dark brown. 1.5 thickness. This purple mount has more structure in the cardboard than the other colors, which some love while others are not so happy about it. However, you have to be close to notice it.

The inner edge is cut at a 45 degree angle, so it gives depth and ensures that no shadow is cast on the poster. The angle also reveals the white cardboard behind the small surface, so you get a nice white border all around the picture.

All our mounts are made with high-quality acid-free cardboard, so you can frame even valuable art without damaging the work.

Choose precise measurements

For Outer dimensions, you must specify the dimensions that your frame has in centimeters. The dimensions of the frames always apply to the glass - and the poster size for which the frame is intended - i.e. exclusive of the list of the frame itself.

For Inner dimensions, you must specify the exact inner target that you want. We recommend that you subtract 1 cm from the height and width of the size of the picture to be framed, so that you get 0.5 cm all around, to attach the picture to the back of the mount.

If you have a 45x55 poster, you must therefore choose 44x54 as the inner size.

When you buy an additional mount for a frame with standard dimensions, we deduct the one centimeter ourselves. But we don't do that here when you order a custom size mount or custom size frames.

However, you can also consider making the inner dimension e.g. 1 cm larger in height and width than the picture to be framed. It can be really nice if you mount your picture on a colored piece of paper, which will then have a clear 0.5 cm all the way between the picture and the mount.


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