Matte silver aluminum frame - Narrow (9 mm) - 100x140 cm


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Silver-colored 100x140 cm aluminum frame with acrylic glass. The frame has a 9 mm curved front. The depth is 15 mm and completely straight.


Acrylic glass (plexiglas) is clearly best for the very large frames, since it weighs much less than real glass and does not break. When the foil is removed from both sides of the acrylic glass, it is almost as clear as normal glass. You can buy real glass (regular glass, non-reflective glass and museum glass) for our 100x140 wooden frames, but not for 100x140 aluminum frames. Glass and metal is just a dangerous combination.


All our 100x140 cm poster frames can be purchased with white mount to fit A0 (84.1x118.9 cm) or 70x100 cm posters. Mounts for an A0 poster will be 83.1x117.9 cm, with which the mount overlaps the poster by 0.5 cm, which is necessary to attach the poster to the mount with tape. If you would like a different color or cutout, take a look at our selection of made-to-measure mounts

Hanging on the wall

The frames have brackets on the back, which allow the frame to be hung vertically or horizontally. 100x140 frames are relatively heavy, so you should hang the frame on solid amber screws.

Choose glass for the 100x140 frame

We offer four types of glass with their own advantages. Read more about the glass and see pictures that illustrate the difference.

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