Dark blue glossy wooden frame - Narrow (14 mm) - Custom size


Nice dark blue wooden frame with a smooth and glossy surface in exactly the dimensions you want. The frame is only 14 cm wide and deep, which gives an elegant look, but this narrow frame limits the size to 60x70 cm maximum. If the frame is larger, it becomes too unstable in terms of both framing, suspension and especially freight.


When you buy a frame at PlakatKunst, you must choose glass. We offer both acrylic glass (also called plexiglass, which is the most durable) and three different kinds of real glass: ordinary glass, non-reflective glass and the exclusive museum glass. If you are going to use the frame for one of the valuable lithographs that you have bought at PlakatKunst, we definitely recommend museum glass, as it provides the best protection against UV rays, and thus preserves the condition and value of the poster as well as possible


Consider whether you want a mounted frame (also called mat/passepartout). Some posters are nicely framed with a mount. We only offer white passepartout in widths of 5 or 10 cm for our custom frames, but if you have other wishes for colour or cut, just contact us.

Special sizes are more expensive than standard sizes

Although all our frames are made to order, custom frames are more expensive than standard frames. Please make sure that the custom sized frame that you want to order is not among standard assortment.


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