Le Masif du Mont-Blanc 1924

Artist: Louis Trinquier-Trianon
Decade: 1920s
Year: 1924
Published by: Chemins de Fer Paris-Lyon
Lithographically printed by: J. Barreau, Paris
Dimensions: 78 x 108 cm
Country: France
Condition: 7/10
✓   Original - ikke genoptryk!
✓   Levering om 2-4 hverdage
✓   100 dages returret
Impressive large map of Europe's highest mountain Mont Blanc, located in the French Alps. The original title of this French map is Le Masif du Mont-Blanc. A similar map is for sale elsewhere in a slightly better condition for 2000 EUR.

Condition: 7/10 - A lot of minor scratches on the sides, a large tear on the right side and patina, but the map itself appears in impressively good condition, even though it is almost 100 years old.

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