Dark green matte wooden frame - Narrow (15 mm) - Custom size


Really nice dark green wooden frame with matte varnish which completely covers the structure of the wood. The frame is 15 cm wide and deep, which limits us to selling it online in a larger format than 60x70 cm, due to instability in relation to framing, suspension and especially shipping.

We offer four very different types of glass for all our picture frames, and you should choose carefully. The acrylic glass is the most durable, and almost as clear as normal glass. Non-reflective glass removes most of the glare that makes the poster less visible from different angles, and the exclusive museum glass provides the best protection against UV rays. We therefore always recommend this for valuable posters.

When choosing a cutout for your mount, subtract 1 cm from the top and bottom, so you give yourself 0.5 cm all around to mount the image on the mount. If you have, for example, a 13x45 cm picture, you must choose 12x44.


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