Samsø - The New Tourist Country

Designer: Jens Djelbo
Decade: 1920s
Dimensions: 47 x 68 cm
Lithographically printed by: Andersen & Bruuns Fabh.
Country: Denmark
Condition: 9/10
✓ Original - not a reprint!
✓ Delivery in 2-4 working days
✓ 30 day right of return
Incredibly beautiful Samsø poster, which is also incredibly rare. We've never seen this poster before, except in an old book. Nor can it be found anywhere else on the Internet. We only have a single copy of this poster, and since the poster is in pretty much perfect condition, it is clear that we have a very special poster here. Unfortunately, we do not know when this poster is from, but we guess in the 1920s, when DSB in the 1920s published similar posters, which promoted the state railways' 8-day map.

Condition: 9/10 - A small crack in the top and patina.

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