Silver colored wooden frame - Narrow (15 mm) - Custom size


Silver colored wooden frame measuring up to 55x75 cm.

We also have it in a wider 20x30 mm profile as well as a narrower 9x15 mm aluminum frame in matt silver . Both can be purchased up to 120x160 cm.


Acrylic glass (plexiglas) weighs much less and does not break. However, it may well be scratched, so you should of course take good care of it and only wash it with lukewarm water, as acrylic glass cannot withstand chemicals (then it becomes dull). Acrylic glass has foil on both sides. Once you've removed it, our acrylic glass is almost as clear as the three types of real glass we sell: normal glass, non-reflective glass and museum glass. The non-reflective glass is made with real glass, but is more matte than the other types of glass.

Read more and see pictures of the glass.

Passepartout / Mat / Mount

You have the option of adding passepartout in many beautiful colors to this silver frame. You should choose internal measurements that are 1 cm smaller than your poster, so that you have 0.5 cm all around to attach the poster to the back of the passepartout.


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