Black wooden frame - Wide (20 mm) - Custom Size

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Very nice wooden frame with a matt black lacquer that covers the structure of the wood and gives a completely smooth surface. If you want to see the structure of the tree, just buy the frame here, and then send us an email to and ask for this. The price is the same.

The frame is 2 cm wide and 3 cm deep, which gives an exclusive look and really good stability to even the large frames. We can also supply a 15x15 mm narrow version of the black wooden frames, but we only recommend this profile for frames smaller than 50x70 cm, as the narrow frame is much more unstable compared to the black frames. both framing, hanging and not least freight. If you want the narrow frame, just contact us.

Choose between acrylic glass (also called plexiglass, which is the most durable) and one of the three different kinds of real glass we offer: ordinary glass, non-reflective glass and the exclusive museum glass. If you are using the frame for a poster you hold dear, you should probably choose museum glass, as it provides the best protection against UV rays, thus preserving the condition of the poster optimally.

It can be really nice to frame a picture or poster with a passepartout, which is a piece of high-quality cardboard with a cut-out in the middle at an angle to ensure that no shadow is cast on the poster. Here in the webshop you can only buy white passepartout that is 5 or 10 cm wide (for frames made to measure), but if you want another colour or cut, please contact us.

Special sizes are more expensive than standard sizes
All our picture frames are produced only after we have received an order, but custom frames are more expensive than standard frames. However, this special size product does not take into account that some frames are standard sizes. For example, if you buy a B2 frame (50x70 cm) here, it will be more expensive than if you find it under our 50x70 frames. Therefore, make sure that the measurements you want are not already part of our standard assortment.


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