Black wooden frame - Narrow (15 mm) - Custom Size

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Black wooden frame which is 15x15 mm, with a matte black varnish which completely covers the structure of the wood. The 15x15 mm frames are offered up to 60x82 cm here in the webshop. Our black 20x30 mm frame can be purchased up to 120x160 cm.

Let the choice of glass for your poster frame be very well thought out. Acrylic glass (plexiglas) weighs less, does not break and is almost as clear as normal glass and museum glass, once you remove the foil on both sides of the acrylic glass. The museum glass that we proudly sell is just as clear as normal glass, and also provides optimal protection against UV rays, so you can best preserve the colors of the poster. Non-reflective glass and made with real glass, and removes almost all glare, but this also means that it is not quite as clear as the other three types of glass. However, it is not something that you really notice when a poster is placed in the frame.

Choose from seven different colors of mount, with exactly the measurements you want. The outer dimensions must be the same as the dimensions of the frame/glass, and the inner dimensions should be 1 cm less in height and width than your image, which will give you 0.5 cm to attach the poster to the back of the mount with tape. The inner dimensions must therefore be 34x43 cm for a 35x44 cm poster.


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