Svátky Moravy Brno 1925 - Festtage der Volkskunde Mährens

Designer: Joža Uprka
Decade: 1920s
Year: 1925
Dimensions: 51 x 112 cm
Lithographically printed by: Lit. Bilik & Spol, Brno
Published by: Zemský cizinecký svaz v Brně
Country: Czech Republic
Condition: 8/10
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Czechoslovak poster from the ethnographic event in Brno d. June 28 and 29, 1925. The poster is published by Zemský cizinecký svaz v Brně , which is Czech and means Provincial Foreigners' Union in Brno.

The title of the poster is Svátky Moravy Brno 1925 , which means Holidays in Moravia Brno 1925.

This poster is aimed at German tourists, with an extra attached piece of paper which has the German text Festtage der Volkskunde Mährens , which means the Moravian folklore festival.

Moravia (Czech: Morava, German: Mähren) is a Central European region which, together with Bohemia and Silesia, forms the state of the Czech Republic. The capital is Brno. The region is named after the river Morava, which lies on the border with Slovakia. Slavic tribes settled in this area shortly after the year 500.

Condition: The poster has a patina and some folds, which will even out when the poster comes in a frame.

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