South Africa, Australia and to the Far East

Designer: Norman Wilkinson
Decade: 1910s
Year: 1910
Dimensions: 64 x 102 cm
Published by: Blue Funnel Line
Country: UK, South Africa, Australia
Condition: 9/10
Beautiful ship poster from Blue Funnel Line with the text "South Africa (Via Las Palmas) & Australia and to the far east - Blue Funnel Line". The poster is a lithograph in really good condition from 1910, designed by the famous Norman Wilkinson. Alfred Holt and Co., Liverpool, which traded as the Blue Funnel Line, was a British shipping company founded in 1866 and operated merchant ships for 122 years. It was one of Britain's largest shipping companies, and played a significant role in the country's international trade and involvement in World War I and II.

Condition: 9/10 - Three folds and a lot of patina.

Frame is not included. See our large selection of exclusive frames, which can be precisely adapted to the poster's 64 x 102 cm format. We always ship frames and posters separately, so we do not risk the frame breaking and destroying the poster. We can easily replace broken frames, but we can not with these unique posters.

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