Wooden frame walnut - Wide (20 mm) - 100x140 cm


Dark 100x140 wooden frames with a delicious walnut look. The darkest wooden frame that we sell. 20 mm wide and 30 mm deep like our other 100x140 wooden frames .


We definitely recommend acrylic glass/plexiglass for 100x140 frames . It is both the cheapest and the best. Real glass (normal glass, non-reflective glass and museum glass) is heavy and unstable in relation to suspension and especially transport. Our acrylic glass is as clear as real glass when the foil is removed.


Our mounts are 2 mm acid-free cardboard, cut so that no shadow is cast on the poster. For all our 100x140 frames, you can purchase white mount for A0 (84.1x118.9 cm) or 70x100 cm posters. Mounts for e.g. a 70x100 cm posters has a cutout of 69x99 cm, so you get half a centimeter to attach the poster to the back of the mount.

If you want a different size or color, you must buy a custom mount. Here you define the exact dimensions yourself.

Up on the wall

This walnut colored 100x140 frame has 2x2 brackets on the back, which allows for both vertical or horizontal hanging. The frame is relatively heavy, so you must hang the frame on screws in raw plugs. We also include an alternative suspension system with instructions, which allows you to hang the frame on string. See the last picture.

Choose glass for the 100x140 frame

We offer four types of glass with their own advantages. Read more about the glass and see pictures that illustrate the differences.

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