Walnut wooden frame - Wide (20 mm) - 70x100 cm

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70x100 walnut picture frame - the darkest wooden frame we sell. The frame is 20 mm wide and 30 mm deep. A beautiful wooden frame, which we also sell in 15x15 mm, but not in the 70x100 format, as it will be too unstable to transport.


Acrylic glass (plexiglas) weighs the least, cannot break and is almost as clear as normal glass, once you have removed the protective film that the acrylic glass comes with. It is also the cheapest glass for 70x100 wooden frames , and it can be delivered to parcel shops for DKK 29. Real glass (normal glass, non-reflective glass or museum glass) requires private delivery with a carrier, which is why the shipping price is DKK 99. Do you want to frame a poster that you want to take good care of it, we recommend museum glass, which provides the best (approx. 75%) protection against UV rays, thus preserving the colors of the poster optimally.


A mount is a frame of 1.5 mm acid-free cardboard that is placed between the glass and the poster. As an additional purchase for all our 70x100 poster frames, we offer white mounts for the poster sizes 50x60 cm, 50x70 cm or 60x80 cm, but if you have other wishes for cutout or color, you just have to buy a custom mount.


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