Vintage Gold Frame - Narrow (15mm) - Custom Size

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Vintage gold frame with cracked gold lacquer on a 15mm wide and deep wooden frame, cut in the finest vintage style. An incredibly beautiful gold frame that looks like something you've been incredibly lucky to find at the local antiques dealer.

You have four very different types of glass to choose from for this gold frame. The non-reflective glass is made with real glass but more matt than the other types of glass, which means that the glare is significantly reduced, with which the poster appears much more clearly in all kinds of light. The museum glass is also made with real glass and provides optimal protection against UV rays. The only visible difference between museum glass and normal glass is that the reflection is a bit more green. The acrylic glass (plexiglass) cannot be broken, weighs very little and comes with foil on both sides, which you have to remove.

White mount is beautiful for this gold frame, but we offer seven different colors and you get to specify the exact inner measurements for your mount. We recommend that your measurements are 1 cm smaller than your poster in both height and width, so that the mount overlaps the poster by half a centimeter, so that you can easily attach the poster to the back of the mount with, for example, tape.


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