Volendam | Rotterdam-New York | Holland-America Line

Designer: Unknown
Decade: The 1920s
Year: 1928
Dimensions: 80 x 119.5 cm
Lithographically printed by: L. Van Leer & Co. Amsterdam
Published by: Holland-America Line
Country: Netherlands , USA
Condition: 10/10
✓ Original - not a reprint!
✓ Delivery in 2-4 working days
✓ 30 day right of return

Relatively large 80x119.5 cm lithograph in remarkably nice condition. Very special vintage poster from 1928, showing a ship from the Dutch Holland-America Line shipping company, with the Statue of Liberty and the American mainland in the background. An original lithograph of which there are not many other copies in the world, and which is in great demand. This is one of our most expensive posters by far, but could probably sell for a lot more to the right buyer.


10/10 - The poster naturally has a little patina, which shows that this original lithograph is almost 100 years old. There is probably no copy of this poster in better condition!


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