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Choose the right glass for the frame

We have selected four very different types of glass that you can buy with all our wooden frames. Three types of real glass, as well as a light, shatter-free and clear acrylic glass. Aluminum frames larger than 60x60 cm can only be purchased with acrylic glass, as metal and real glass are a slightly dangerous combination in large frames.

Light and splinter-free

Acrylic glass

We offer 1 mm acrylic glass - 2 mm for frames larger than 70x100 cm - with the same price and clarity as normal glass.

The gloss is a little bit more matte and bent, and bendable acrylic glasses, may need tape on the back plate and wooden strips for wooden frames larger than A0 frames. Otherwise, the acrylic glass may in some cases bend slightly out of the frame.

Our clear recommendation for the children's room and very large frames (especially aluminum) as it weighs considerably less than real glass and cannot break. This makes it safer and cheaper to ship the large sizes.

The acrylic glass is supplied with protective film on both sides. If you keep it on, you get an anti-reflective effect. But we definitely prefer to remove it, as shown in the pictures.

Frames with acrylic glass

Real glass

Normal glass

The completely ordinary glass is also the clearest glass. Genuine high-quality glass, with 2 mm thickness and the same price as the acrylic glass. The biggest advantage that normal glass has over acrylic glass is that it is inflexible, and thus stands more firmly in the frame with a sharper reflection.

Frames with normal glass

Tired of glare?

Non-reflective glass

Ordinary glass can almost act like a mirror in a lit room. With our non-reflective glass, you get a 2 mm real glass, with a matte layer that significantly limits the glare. Only very bright light will give a blurry kind of glare, as shown in the picture.

The price of a frame with non-reflective glass is approximately twice as high as for frames with regular glass and acrylic glass, but in a room with a lot of light, it is worth the price to get significantly more focus on the framed picture from all angles.

Frames with non-reflective glass

The exclusive

Museum glass

We are proud to be able to offer this fantastic museum glass at a reasonable price, which is clearly the highest in our range.

The museum glass is made with 2 mm real glass, and appears just as clear as normal glass. However, the reflection has a darker bluish tint in strong light. In its own way, it actually provides a more glare-free experience than the glare-free glass, and with a much clearer glass.

If you want to take good care of your picture, you should seriously buy this exclusive museum glass. The glass does not provide 100% protection against UV rays, which some museums use for their art. It is very expensive. Our museum glass has approximately 75% protection against UV rays.

You will never experience the colors fading behind our museum glass. It really is a beautiful and carefully selected glass that can do a lot.

Frames with museum glass