We have selected four very different types of glass, which can be chosen for all our frames. Three types of real glass, and a clear acrylic glass that cannot be broken.

Easy and safe

Acrylic glass

The acrylic glass is also called plexiglass, but it is not glass from the German company Plexiglas, which we sell. We offer a very clear 3 mm acrylic glass, as the same price as ordinary glass. We are very satisfied with the clarity of the plexiglass, although it is still not as clear as ordinary glass. Recommended for children's rooms and very large frames, as it weighs significantly less than real glass and cannot break. With the bendable acrylic glass, very large frames may need tape on the back of the wooden strips and the back, to hold the two together, so that the acrylic glass does not bend slightly out of the frame.

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Real glass

Normal glass

Our plain glass is also the clearest glass. Genuine high quality glass, with 2 mm thickness and the same price as the acrylic glass. General glass is most popular with our customers, unless they need to frame an expensive poster.

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The exclusive

Museum glass

If you want to take good care of the picture in the frame, you should buy the exclusive museum glass. The glass does not have 100% protection against UV rays, which some museums use for their art. It is very expensive. Our museum glass has approximately twice as much protection as the other three types of glass, which only have just below 40% protection. Unless you hang the frame very exposed to light, you will never experience the colors fading in a frame with our 75% museum glass, and it can be purchased at a reasonable price.

The price is naturally higher than the other three types of glass, even though we actually make less money on this type of glass. The reason is that we really want the buyers of our poster art to frame the works with museum glass. Our museum glass is real glass, and just as clear as ordinary glass.

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Tired of glare?

Non-reflective glass

It can be nice to see the reflection of the light and the elements in the glass of the frames, but it can also be annoying. With our non-reflective glass, you get a 2 mm genuine glass with very fine clarity, which removes almost all glare. Only very bright light will produce some kind of glare.

In the picture here, the top glass is non-reflective. Very bright light can be seen, but more compressed, so that the light never blurs the image, which will be the case with other types of glass.

The price of a frame with non-reflective glass is approximately twice as high as for frames with regular glass and acrylic glass, but in a room with a lot of light, it is worth the price to get full focus on the frame's image from all sides.

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