We are dedicated to the exclusive craftsmanship, both when it comes to our poster frames and the posters themselves. We do not compete on the cheapest prices or fastest delivery, but our focus is on the best quality when it comes to the choice of what should be on the walls of your home. However, it must be said that we want to have fair prices, where the buyer always gets value for money.

We also sell old maps from all over the world. Maps that are filled with fascinating historical and whimsical details.

Most of our cards are lithographic copies with charm and authenticity, just like our old posters, but the prices of cards are much lower, since they are less in demand, less rare and often not quite the same artistic touch as the old, original vintage lithographs.

Danish-made frames
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Original vintage posters - lithographic craftsmanship

The vast majority of our old posters are lithographic works. Contrary to ordinary printed posters, lithography is an artistic craft, which gives a result that is more reminiscent of a painting than a printed poster.

Lithography is a printing process that uses a flat stone or metal plate on which the image areas are treated with an oily substance so that the ink will adhere to them, while the other areas are made ink-repellent.
Lithography was invented at the end of the eighteenth century, and originally used German limestone as a printing surface. Its invention made color printing easier. Areas of different colors are applied to separate stones and pressed on the same sheet.

In the late 19th century, lithographers began using mass-produced zinc plates instead of stone in their printing process. This innovation made it possible to prepare several plates, each with a different color of ink, and to print these on the same sheet of paper without spacing.

Posters in many colors and sizes could now be produced efficiently. Skilled illustrators and graphic designers quickly began to take advantage of this new technology; The “golden age of the poster” (the 1890s through the First World War) was the spectacular result. The 1920s and 1930s gave us some of the most beautiful lithographs ever, and especially rare originals from these decades that you will find here at PlakatKunst.dk.

Lithographs have a unique quality and tactility that cannot be compared at all to modern reprinted posters. You have to see them to experience the breathtaking colors painted on the old paper with historical motifs.

Frames of the highest quality

Beautiful, rare and valuable posters deserve the best framing. That is why we have selected one of Denmark's best manufacturers of quality frames to be responsible for this part of our business. This allows us to offer frames in a wide selection of wood types and colors and as many as four different types of glass: normal glass, acrylic glass (plexiglas), non-reflective glass and not least the exclusive museum glass, which protects your posters from UV rays (99 %).
The frames are made by hand for each individual order. This means that we minimize resource wastage and that you can have your poster (purchased at PlakatKunst) framed just the way you want it. However, the process also means that we cannot match the fastest shipping times on the market, and that you usually have to wait a little over a week for your order. You can follow the process all the way via Track & Trace.