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60x80 cm (23.6 x 31.5 in)

Hand-made 60x80 frames for 60×80 cm posters. You can choose from three types of real glass for the wooden frames, namely normal glass, non-reflective glass or museum glass . We also offer a clear acrylic glass, which is light and splinter-free. 60x80 aluminum frames can only be purchased with acrylic glass. Passepartout / mat / mount can be purchased in many colors for your 60x80 frame.

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60x80 frames included


Passepartout can lift a frame to new heights, and creates depth with 1.5 mm distance between picture and glass.

If you want to frame a 60x80 cm poster with passepartout, you must use a larger frame. It can be a 70x100 frame , or a frame with special dimensions , e.g. a 70x90 frame.

60x80 frames with passepartout can be used to frame all smaller pictures.

When you choose passepartout for your 60x80 frame, you have the choice between 11 colours. You just specify the dimensions of the picture you want to frame, and we automatically make the hole 10 mm smaller, which means that the passepartout extends 5 mm above the picture. This way you can easily tape the poster to the back of your passepartout.

Go to a 60x80 frame to see how it looks with the different colors of passepartout.

Should your 60x80 frame have

Real glass?

The 60x80 wooden frames can be purchased with a crystal clear and light acrylic glass that cannot break. Like regular glass, it has some reflections.

If you do not want reflections, you must choose non-reflective glass or the exclusive museum glass, which in addition to being non-reflective - in a more clear and dark way - has optimal UV protection.

Read more about the glass and see pictures

Free shipping for purchases over NOK 899

Shipping costs DKK 29

We send 60x80 frames with GLS to your local parcel shop for DKK 29. Free shipping on orders over DKK 899. The price for delivery to your address - private or business - is DKK 49.

The 60x80 frames are more expensive with real glass, as the risk for us is greater than if you choose acrylic glass for your 60x80 frame. The fact that the glass can break during transport should also be part of your considerations when choosing glass for the 60x80 frame. But if the accident happens, we will of course send you a new frame as soon as possible.

60x80 frames without

Insert paper

The 60x80 frames are delivered without insert paper, since it is almost always thrown away. An economic and environmental waste that we would like to avoid.

If you want to receive the 60x80 frame with insert paper, it can be purchased separately.

Framing and hanging of

60x80 frames

When you receive your 60x80 frame, remove the foil and flip back the black pins on the back so you can remove the backing.

Next, you should just wipe any dust off the glass with a microfiber cloth. If you bought the frame with acrylic glass, you just have to remove the protective film from both sides of the acrylic glass.

On the back of the frame, there are suspension brackets both horizontally and vertically. These must be tilted out a little, and hung up on a nail or screw. Adhesive recommended cannot handle the weight of a 60x80 frame.