100x140 frames

100x140 cm is a large size, which can well present challenges when you have to have a poster in the frame and mount it on the wall. We therefore recommend that you use a few pieces of wide tape to keep the wooden frames and the back of the frame close together. This is especially true if you have chosen acrylic glass (plexiglass) for the frame, as it can be bent and thus easily slip out of the frame during installation. If you use tape, as described, you will not experience any problems, and we also recommend the acrylic glass for large frames, as it weighs much less and cannot break.

Oak is softer and more alive than the other types of wood and aluminium, so on our 100x140 oak frames we have therefore fitted a metal wire, as shown in the picture, that binds the two 140 cm frame strips together.

Suspension of

100x140 frames

On the back of the frame there are two suspension brackets which can support the frame nicely. Especially if you buy your 100x140 frame with the light acrylic glass. You must, however, hang the frame on screens in rawpluks.

We also always send two brackets and a cord with frames larger than 70x100, which you can screw onto the wooden strips yourself. Especially because it is much easier to hang the cord on the screw - and then you only need to put a single screw in the wall.

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