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A0 frames

A0 frames measure 84.1 x 118.9 cm. We only sell acrylic glass (plexiglass) for these large frames as it is lighter than real glass and doesn't break during shipping.


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A0 frames with

Free delivery

A0 frame measures 118.9 x 81.4 cm, making it one of the largest frames that we sell. Unfortunately, shipping such large frames is very expensive, especially outside the EU.

GLS does not ship larger frames larger than 70x100 cm, which also means that the frame must be delivered by courier directly to your address. However, the carrier can place it, for example, in front of your door or in your carport if you are not at home. If you want this, it can be written as a comment to your order in the Cart.

Suspension of

A0 frames

The back of the frame has four suspension brackets - two on each side - which can support the weight of the frame well. Especially if you choose the light acrylic glass for your A0 frames. You must use stitches in rawpluks rather than stitches.

However, we always send two brackets, four screens and a cord with the A0 frames. You then have the opportunity to mount this alternative suspension system on the wooden slats yourself, if you wish.

Buy an A0 frame

With passepartout

There are many good reasons to choose passepartout for your frame.

If you want to frame a 70x100 cm poster with passepartout, then the obvious choice is an A0 frame. 70x100 cm is one of the most popular poster formats, but there are not many places where you can buy A0 frames.

You can also use an A0 frame to frame many other poster formats with passepartout.

Which glass?

A0 frames with glass

We recommend acrylic glass (plexiglass) for large frames, as it is lighter than real glass (normal glass, non-reflective glass and museum glass), which can also break during shipping.

With that said, we will of course send a new frame if the frame or glass breaks during shipping.

Our acrylic glass is almost as clear as real glass when the protective film is removed from both sides of the glass. However, real glass stands more firmly in the frame, which gives a sharper glare than normal glass.

If you want to remove most of the glare, you should consider our museum glass or non-reflective glass.