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70x100 frames

When you are going to buy a 70x100 cm frame, you must think carefully when it comes to the choice of glass. As always, we offer four different types of glass for the frames, namely the three types of real glass: normal glass, non-reflective glass and museum glass, or acrylic glass (also called plexiglass).

Since the acrylic glass cannot break, and weighs significantly less than real glass, it is much easier and cheaper to ship.

The shipping price inside the EU for 70x100 frames with acrylic glass is 14 EUR to a parcel shop, while the price is 19 EUR for delivery to your address.

The shipping price to the UK for 70x100 frames with acrylic glass inside Europe is 19 GBP to your home address.

The shipping price to the the rest of the world for 70x100 frames with acrylic glass inside Europe is 49 USD to your home address.

If you choose one of the three types of real glass for your 70x100 frame, the frame must be delivered to your address by carrier, which costs you 99 EUR inside the EU - and 649 USD outside EU!

This applies to all our frames which are 70x100 cm or more. Here the shipping price is significantly cheaper with acrylic glass, so please consider this option. Our acrylic glass is very clear, and you'll surely be happy with your choice!

70x100 frames

On the Wall

The back of the frame has the black suspension brackets - as shown in the picture - and they can easily support the weight of the frame. However, we recommend spectacles in rawpluks instead of seams.

However, if you wish, we can also send two brackets, four screens and a cord with your 70x100 frame. Then you can mount this on the wooden strips yourself, if you wish.

If you want the alternative suspension system, you must write it as a comment in the basket of your order.

Choice of form

Wide or narrow?

To ensure the stability of the frames, we recommend the 20x30 mm wide wooden frames when the frame is larger than 50x70 cm, and these are therefore also the only wooden frames that we sell in the large sizes here at

If you want a narrow 70x100 cm frame, you should consider our aluminum frames, which are only 9 mm wide and 15 mm deep.

If you were just hoping for a 70x100 cm frame with one of our many beautiful colours, don't despair. It is only the freight that causes problems with the narrow wooden frames. If you want a larger batch of narrow wooden frames with acrylic glass, then we can arrange a special delivery for you.

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