What is the shipping cost?
Posters cost DKK 75 in shipping. Orders for frames cost DKK 50, regardless of the size or quantity of frames. The reason why the posters are more expensive in shipping is that we have to insure the more valuable posters.

When will the package arrive?
Our delivery time is normally 2-5 working days from the order date. Our aim is to ship your products the day after you place your order. However, it can sometimes take a few more days due to delays with our frame manufacturer, the shipping company or the private seller of the posters. Since the delivery time depends on these business partners, no definite guarantee can be given for the delivery time, but the above is based on our experience. In Christmas 2021, we experienced our worst case, with a frame for Germany, which i.a. broke during shipping and took three weeks to arrive.

How do you send the package?
We use different shipping companies depending on your order. Frames are sent with GLS and posters are sent with UPS.

How do I know my package has arrived?
As soon as your order has arrived at the collection point, you will be sent a notification by SMS to the mobile phone number you entered when ordering.

What happens if I don't pick up my package?
For goods that are returned to us because the customer has not picked up the package, we charge DKK 200. We do this to cover the double shipping costs as well as our costs of finding the goods and unpacking them.

Do you deliver to all places in Denmark?

Can I shop at plakatkunst.dk if I don't live in Denmark?
Yes. We deliver worldwide. If you prefer other languages ​​or currencies, you can visit plakatkunst.dk/de, plakatkunst.dk/no or the English plakatkunst.dk/en with many different currencies.