Solid oak frame - A0 frame (84.1x118.9 cm)


A0 oak frame with beautiful oak from sustainable Canadian forests. The oak frame we use for A0 frames is 2 cm wide and 3 cm deep, just like our other A0 frames. However, we also have a 2x2 cm oak frame, which can also be used for an A0 frame. However, we recommend 2x3 cm. If you want the 2x2 cm frame, just write it in the comments to your order.

Unlike our other A0 wooden frames, the oak frames consist of the same solid oak all the way through the frame. This makes it a slightly more expensive and more exclusive picture frame. The frame is 100% real oak, which also means that the structure of the wood in the frame strips will always vary slightly.

We recommend acrylic glass (plexiglass) for the large frames. Real glass (including non-reflective glass and the exclusive museum glass) has a significantly greater risk of breaking during assembly and especially during shipping. The plexiglass is almost unbreakable, and it takes a sharp eye to tell the difference between real glass and our acrylic glass. However, you are welcome to buy normal glass, non-reflective glass or the exclusive museum glass, which provides optimal UV protection. Real glass is, however, more expensive in both price and shipping, but should the frame be damaged during shipping, we will of course send a new frame.

A mount is a piece of white cardboard that is cut at an angle which ensures that no shadow is cast on the poster. The A0 frames can be bought with mount which matches 70x100 posters. If you want a different cut, just write this in the comments to your order.

Do you have an A0 poster that you want to frame with a mount? See our 100x140 frames , all of which can be purchased with a mount that fits A0 posters.

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