White A0 wooden frame - Wide (20 mm) - 84.1x118.9 cm


A0 wooden frame with a nice white lacquer and completely smooth surface. We ourselves prefer the white picture frame where the structure of the wood is not clear, but if you want this, just buy this white A0 frame, and write in the comments to your order that you want the white frame where the structure of the wood is visible.

The white wooden frame that we use for the large picture frames is 2 cm wide and 3 cm deep. It gives very good stability to the frame, and a nice massive look.

Acrylic glass (also called plexiglass) is undoubtedly what we recommend for large frames, as it does not break. You can hardly tell the difference between acrylic glass and ordinary glass, but the museum glass and the non-reflective glass naturally have some advantages that you may want. If you buy normal glass, non-reflective glass and the exclusive museum glass, which provides the best protection against UV rays, you don't have to worry about shipping either. Should GLS damage the frame during shipping, we'll just send a new one. If you get the help of a friend to put the poster in the frame and hang it on the wall, the installation should also take place without problems with real glass in your A0 frame.

Should we mount your white A0 frame? This white A0 frame can be purchased with a mount that fits 70x100 posters. If you would like a different cut, just write it as a comment to your order.

Do you have an A0 poster that you want to frame with mount? Check out our 100x140 frames , which can be purchased with a mount suited for A0 posters.

Choose the right glass

You can choose between four types of glass for your A0 frame. Read more about our glass and see pictures that clearly show the difference.

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