Yellow glossy wooden frame - Narrow (14 mm) - 40×40 cm

Yellow 40x40 picture frame in a warm but wild yellow shade. The wooden frame is 14 mm deep and wide, with a glossy and completely smooth lacquer finish. We also have a matte yellow 15x15 mm frame, which is lighter in colour and has sharper edges.

Choose from four types of glass for your picture frame: Normal glass, acrylic glass (plexiglass), non-reflective glass or museum glass. If you are framing a valuable poster, choose the museum glass as it protects much better against UV rays.

A mount is a cardboard frame that is placed inside the picture frame itself. This is also called Passepartout or Mat. A mount brings the poster into focus without casting a shadow. You can purchase mount for all 40x40 picture frames, matching 30x30 cm or 20x20 cm posters.

If you want to frame a 40x40 poster with a mount, look at our 70x70 frames, 60x60 frames or 50x50 frames.

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