Yellow matte wooden frame - Narrow (15 mm) - Custom size


Matt yellow picture frame by size, which you can define here right down to the millimeter. The wooden frame is only 15 mm wide and deep, and we dare not ship the narrow frames in a larger format than 60x70, certainly not with real glass. If you need a large batch of narrow frames , we can deliver in Denmark ourselves. Do not store them larger than 70x100 cm, however.

We always give you the choice between four different types. Acrylic glass (plexiglas, which is virtually indestructible), normal glass, the non-reflective glass or the museum glass, which protects optimally against UV radiation.

This yellow wooden frame looks really nice with, for example, a white or yellow mount. When you choose the cutout, you must subtract 1 cm from the top and bottom, so that you give yourself 0.5 cm to attach the poster to your mount with, for example, tape - preferably without too much adhesive. If you have a 53x52 cm poster that you want to frame with mount, you must choose a cutout called 52x51 cm.

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