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Golden aluminum frame - Narrow (9 mm) - 100x140 cm

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Shiny gold colored 100x140 aluminum frame. Slightly curved in the front, which is only 9 mm wide. In depth, the frame is 15 mm, completely straight and glossy.


Acrylic glass (also called Plexiglas) is best for the very large frames, and it must be 100x140 cm. It weighs significantly less than real glass and does not break. The acrylic glass comes with foil on both sides. When the foil is removed, our acrylic glass appears almost as clear as normal glass. You can buy real glass (normal glass, non-reflective glass and museum glass) for our 100x140 wooden frames , but for 100x140 aluminum it is not possible, since metal and glass are a dangerous combination. The glass simply breaks all too easily.

Framing and hanging

On the back of the golden 100x140 aluminum frame, there are two brackets to which you must connect the included cord. You can move these brackets if you want to hang the frame horizontally.

All four corners of the aluminum frame must be opened, the two corners at the top (closest to the two brackets), which must be loosened completely so that the top's 100 cm strip can be removed. This gives you the opening to pull out the back plate and glass. The poster is placed in between, after which it is driven together into the frame again.

Under the entire frame there are metal brackets (see last picture) which help to hold the back plate against the glass. These are removed when the frame is loosened, and put back when the frame is screwed back together.

Golden aluminum frame - Narrow (9 mm) - 100x140 cm
Golden aluminum frame - Narrow (9 mm) - 100x140 cm Sale price$176.00