White wooden frame - Wide (20 mm) - 100x140 cm


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Note: Shipping only within EU

100x140 wooden frame lacquered with a nice white on a completely smooth surface where you can't see the structure of the wood. We prefer this white picture frame for our posters, but you can also buy the frame here and ask for it with visible structure for the same price. 100x140 is the largest format in which we sell frames.

The white wooden frame is 2 cm wide and 3 cm deep, just like our other 100x140 wooden frames, which provides the perfect balance between aesthetics and stability.

We recommend acrylic glass (plexiglass) for the 100x140 frames, since real glass (incl. non-reflective glass and museum glass) is much more unstable in relation to both transport and suspension. The plexiglass that we sell looks confusingly like real glass when the foil is removed and a poster is placed in the frame. However, you can choose one of the three types of real glass for your 100x140 frame, and should the frame break during shipping, we'll just send a new one. Price and shipping are, however, more expensive with real glass than if you buy the frame with Plexiglas.

A mount is a piece of high-quality cardboard that is cut at an angle so that it does not cast a shadow on the poster. For our white 100x140 picture frames, you can purchase a mount that fits posters with the sizes A0 (84.1x118.9 cm) or 70x100 cm. If you want a different cut, just write it as a comment on your order at checkout.

Choose glass for the 100x140 frame

We offer four types of glass with their own advantages. Read more about the glass and see pictures that illustrate the difference.

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