Purple glossy wooden frame - Narrow (14 mm) - 50x70 cm

Light purple picture frame with glossy and completely smooth varnish, which covers the structure of the wood. The wooden frame is 14 mm wide and deep. We also sell a darker purple frame, which has a matte finish and sharper corners.

When you buy one of our frames, you always have four types of glass to choose from. Acrylic glass (plexiglass) is the most durable. Normal glass is the clearest glass, along with our museum glass, which furthermore provides the best protection against UV rays, thus preserving the colors of the poster. Finally, we have the non-reflective glass, which removes almost all glare from the glass, so that the poster is fully visible, no matter which angle the frame is viewed from.

Mount is a cardboard frame placed inside the frame itself, between the poster and glass. It is also called Mat or Passepartout. For our 50x70 cm frames, you can add mount, which fits posters with the sizes 40x50 cm and 30x40 cm. If you want a different cutout, just let us know. If you own a 50x70 poster that you want in a mounted frame, take a look at our 60x80 frames or 70x100 frames, which can be bought with a mount suited for 50x70 posters. Please note, that we do not sell narrow frames in a larger format than 50x70 cm, as they are too unstable to transport.

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