Purple matte wooden frame - Narrow (15 mm) - 30×40 cm

Matte purple 30x40 cm frame with a smooth varnish that covers the structure of the wood. A really nice frame, which is among our absolute favourites. The wooden frame is 15 mm wide and 15 mm deep. We also sell a brighter glossy purple 30x40 frame, with more rounded corners.

We pay a lot of attention to glass here at PlakatKunst, as we primarily sell very valuable posters. There is therefore always approx. 40% protection against UV rays in our glass, and close to 100% protection in the fine museum glass.

The 30x40 cm frames can be purchased with mount, which matches pictures with the size A4 or A5. If you would like to frame a 30x40 cm poster, you can, for example, buy a 40x50 frame or a 50x70 frame. For example, our 40x50 cm frame in matte purple or 50x70 cm frame in matte purple. We always deduct 1 cm from the height and width of the hole measurement, so you get 0.5 centimeter to attach the poster to the back of the mount.

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