Purple matte wooden frame - Narrow (15 mm) - 50x60 cm


Absinding beautiful dark purple picture frame with a matte and smooth varnish which covers the structure of the wood. We love this purple frame and it is also popular with our customers and acquaintances. The frame is 15 mm wide and deep. We also have a 50x60 frame with glossy purple lacquer. The glossy frame has a lighter purple color, is only 14x14mm and has rounded corners that actually make it appear narrower.

When you buy one of our frames, you get the choice between four types of glass. Real glass, Plexiglas, non-reflective glass or museum glass that provides optimal protection against UV rays. It also looks like normal glass.

Mount your purple frame so it fits 40x50 cm or 30x40 cm posters. If you want something else, just contact us.

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