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Matte silver aluminum frame - Narrow (9 mm) - 100x140 cm

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Silver-coloured 100x140 cm aluminum frame with acrylic glass. The frame has a 9 mm curved front. The depth is 15 mm and completely straight.


Acrylic glass (plexiglas) is clearly best for the very large frames, since it weighs much less than real glass and does not break. When the foil is removed from both sides of the acrylic glass, it is almost as clear as normal glass. You can buy real glass (regular glass, non-reflective glass and museum glass) for our 100x140 wooden frames, but not for 100x140 aluminum frames. Glass and metal is just a dangerous combination.

Framing and mounting

The large aluminum frames have two brackets on the back, as shown in picture #3. These can be hung on screws, but we recommend that you use the attached string for the purpose. The brackets can be moved if you want to hang the frame in a horizontal position.

When you have to put a poster in the frame, you have to unscrew two corners, remove one 100 cm side and slide out the back plate and glass. Place the poster between the back plate and glass, and drive it assembled into the frame again. Put the 100 cm strip back on the frame by screwing the corners again.

As shown in the picture, there are also a lot of buckles that help to hold the back plate right up against the glass. Once the corners are unscrewed, these buckles can and must be removed. When the corners are screwed in again, the clamps can be put back under the frame strips.

Matte silver aluminum frame - Narrow (9 mm) - 100x140 cm
Matte silver aluminum frame - Narrow (9 mm) - 100x140 cm Sale price$176.00