Dark green matte wooden frame - Narrow (15 mm) - 40×40 cm

Green 40x40 picture frame with a matte dark green lacquer on a 15 mm deep and wide wooden frame. One of our favourites, and a very popular frame among our customers.

At PlakatKunst, you always get the choice between four glasses. Real glass, acrylic glass (plexiglass), non-reflective glass or museum glass. If you are going to use the frame for a picture that you want to take good care of, you should choose museum glass, which provides the best protection against UV rays that come from the light and wear out the colors of the picture.

You can buy mounts for all our 40x40 picture frames, which fit 30x30 cm or 20x20 cm pictures.

Do you own a 40x40 picture that you would like to have in a mounted frame? Then you should look at our 70x70 frames, 60x60 frames or 50x50 frames.

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