Dark red glossy wooden frame - Narrow (14 mm) - Custom size


Incredibly beautiful dark red picture frame with a shiny smooth surface and rounded corners. The frame is only 14 mm wide and deep, which means that we do not sell it here in a larger format than 60x70 cm. Larger frames can become unstable in relation to both framing, suspension and especially freight. However, if you need a larger number of narrow frames over 60x70, we have solutions for this.

Choose one of four types of glass for your picture frame. Real glass, acrylic glass (plexiglas, the most durable), non-reflective glass or exclusive museum glass, which provide the best protection against UV rays.

Shall we put mount your frame? When choosing the cutout, you must deduct 1 cm at the top and bottom, so that there is half a centimeter to attach the poster behind the mount. Do you have a 20x40 cm poster? The select a 19x39 cutout.


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