Ostend, Belgium - Reine des Plages

Designer: Samuel Colville
Decade: The 1920s
Year: 1925
Dimensions: 62 x 103 cm
Published by: Unknown
Country: Belgium
Condition: 9/10

Original vintage poster from Ostend, which is a seaside resort on the Belgian coast in West Flanders. This original lithograph from the 1920s shows in the foreground an elegant woman protecting herself from the sun with her umbrella on the beach.


9/10 - Some patina, edge cracks and a fold in the middle, but almost perfect condition.


If you need a frame for this poster, you can buy a custom frame, which can be made to fit the poster's 62 x 103 cm perfectly. You should buy a frame with museum glass when framing a valuable poster like this.

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