Custom size oak frame - Wide (20 mm)

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Really nice poster frame on target in solid oak from Canada. The frame is 2 cm wide and can be purchased with 2 cm or 3 cm depth. We definitely recommend 3 cm depth for frames larger than 70x100 cm. You can define the size of your frame down to the millimetre, from 10x10 cm up to 120x160.

If your frame is not to be larger than 55x75 cm, you may be more interested in our 12x18 mm narrow oak frame.

Choose between four different types of glass for the oak frame: Plexiglas (most durable), ordinary glass, non-reflective glass or museum glass. If you are going to use the frame for art, we definitely recommend museum glass, as it provides optimal protection against UV rays, thus preserving the colors and value of the artwork as best as possible.

Please note that Plexiglas is the cheapest for frames with special dimensions. It comes with protective film on both sides of the glass, which you need to remove. Afterwards, the acrylic glass will be almost as clear as normal glass. You can compare the four types of glass here.

Consider whether you want your oak frame mounted. Some posters are better framed with a mount. Here you can buy mount in several colors, with the exact cutout that you need.


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