Travemünde Das Ostseebad

Designer: Unknown
Decade: The 1950s
Year: Unknown
Dimensions: 58.5 x 83 cm
Published by: Unknown
Country: Germany
Condition: 10/10

Very rare and adorable minor vintage poster from the German town of Travemünde, a relaxed Baltic Sea resort and port for Scandinavian ferries. We have never seen this poster before and it is not to be found anywhere else on the internet.

This is an original lithograph from the 1950s and not a reprint.


10/10 - The paper and a little patina testify that the poster was not made yesterday, but this fantastic lithograph must be said to be in perfect condition!


If you buy this unique lithograph, you must of course have it in a frame with museum glass, so that you take good care of the beautiful colors. See our large selection of custom sized frames, which can be made for the poster's 58.5 x 83 cm.

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