Solid A0 oak frame - Wide (20 mm) - 84.1x118.9 cm


A0 oak frame with beautiful oak from sustainable Canadian forests. The oak frame we use for A0 frames is 2 cm wide and 3 cm deep, just like our other A0 wooden frames .

Unlike our other A0 wooden frames, the oak frames consist of the same solid oak all the way through the frame. This makes it a slightly more expensive and more exclusive picture frame. The oak has a very lively structure in the frame moldings, which will always vary slightly.


We recommend acrylic glass (plexiglass) for the large frames. The acrylic glass cannot shatter, and is clear like normal glass once you have removed the protective film. We don't ship A0 frames with real glass outside Denmark, since it gets shattered too easily. However, you can also buy this beautiful frame without glass, and purchase your glass locally. Contact us in live chat, in case you´re interested in this.


Mount is also called Mat or Passepartout. It's is a piece of 1,5 mm thick cardboard, which is cut at an angle that ensures that no shadow is cast on the poster. All our A0 frames can be bought with mount for 70x100 posters. If you want a different cutout or colour, then you must buy a custom mount instead.

Do you have an A0 poster that you want to see in a mounted frame? Have a look at our 100x140 frames, all of which can be purchased with a mount for A0 posters.

Choose the right glass

You can choose between four types of glass for your A0 frame. Read more about our glass and see pictures that clearly show the difference.

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