Aluminum frame in light gold - Narrow (9 mm) - 70×70 cm

70x70 cm gold frame in aluminum with a very light gold shade. Our aluminum frames are only 9 mm wide.

You can buy this gold frame with four types of glass, all quality glass with their own advantage. Real glass provides the clearest glass at a cheap price, but the museum glass is probably just as invisible, even with the optimal UV protection on the glass. Our non-reflective glass is also real glass, and not plexiglass as in many other frame shops. If you want glass that cannot break, you must choose acrylic glass, also called plexiglass, which is not as clear as real glass. However, it is not something that you notice when there is a picture in the frame.

Consider whether you want a mounted frame (also called mat/passepartout). Some posters are nicely framed with a mount. For this 70x70 silver frame, you can buy white mounts, which fit posters with the size 60x60 cm or 50x50 cm. Contact us if you have other wishes for your mount.

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