Beige mount

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Beige mount in a nice light brown color with a thickness of 1.5 mm. The beige mount is made with cardboard of the highest quality, and almost no structure in the cardboard. This light brown mount looks really nice with our brown frames, as well as the light wooden frames and actually also with many of the other frames.

We use acid-free cardboard, which protects your image.

Mount is cut at an angle of 45 degrees, which gives depth to the overall work. The crop shows the white cardboard behind the beige surface, which gives a nice white line between the image and the mount.

Choose precise measurements

For Outer dimension, you must use the dimensions that your frame has. If you want your new mount in a 70x100 frame, write 70x100 here.

For Inner dimensions, you must write the exact measurements you want for the hole target. Subtract 1 cm from the height and width of your poster so that the mount overlaps your image by 0.5 cm all the way around. If you want to frame a 70x74 cm poster, you must therefore choose 69x73 cm as your inner dimension.

If you buy mount with a standard frame, we always deduct 1 cm ourselves. If you buy custom-made mount or custom-made frames, you get the exact measurements which you choose - right down to the millimeter.


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