Picture frame in light wood - Wide (20 mm) - 50×50 cm


50x50 picture frame in light wood with a 20 mm wide and 30 cm deep frame. You can also buy 50x50 frames in light wood with a narrow 15x15 mm frame here . Of our square frames , 50x50 is the only size that you can buy here in the shop with a narrow or wide frame. You can only buy the larger square frames 70x70 and 60x60 online in the wide version. You can only buy the smaller square frames 40x40 and 30x30 in the narrow 15x15 version. If you contact us, we can make it just the way you want, but we have chosen our online selection because both we and our customers prefer these frames.

When buying a frame, you must choose which glass you want. Normal glass, acrylic glass (plexiglass), non-reflective glass or the exclusive museum glass, which provides the best protection against UV rays.

Mount is a cardboard frame inside the poster frame itself. Mounts bring the poster into focus and ensures that the frame does not cast a shadow on the poster. You can only buy mounts for this frame, which fits posters in the sizes 40x40, 30x30 and 20x20 cm.

Do you own a 50x50 cm poster that you want framed with a mount? Take a look at our 70x70 frames or 60x60 frames , which can be purchased with a mount that fits 50x50 posters. If you have a special wish for a size or color, just contact us.

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