Gold aluminum frame - Narrow (9 mm) - Custom size


Shiny beautiful gold frame with an aluminum frame that is only 9 mm wide and 15 mm deep. Aluminum has the advantage that it is both light and stable even in large sizes.


When you buy one of our frames, you always get the choice between four carefully selected types of glass. Light, shatter-free and not least clear acrylic glass (plexiglass), as well as three types of real glass: Normal glass, non-reflective glass and museum glass. However, real glass cannot be purchased for aluminum frames larger than 50x70 cm. If you want real glass for a large frame, you must buy a wooden frame.

Read more and see pictures of the glass.

Passepartout / Mat / Mount

For this gold frame, you can purchase passepartout in many colors with exactly the measurements you want. We recommend that you deduct 1 cm from the dimensions of your poster when specifying the inside dimensions of your passepartout. That will give you half a centimeter to mount the poster on the back of the passepartout with, for example, tape.


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